Aims & Objects

The Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal, Bhadra, Ahmedabad was established by the India’s great Social worker & educationist “Bharat Ratna” Late Maharshi Annasaheb Dr. D. K. Karveji on 20.04.1945 in Ahmedabad with avowed noble objects mainly to offer adequate facilities for the intellectual, physical, cultural, social and moral education by establishing, conducting, controlling and /or managing institutions imparting instruction mainly through the medium of Marathi and also through the medium of Gujarati, English & Hindi for all round development of students.


The Mandal is a Charitable Public Trust in its true letter and spirit. It is registered both under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 & the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. The Mandal is the only Charitable Public Trust which runs the Marathi Medium Secondary and the Higher Secondary High Schools selflessly in Ahmedabad since the year 1945 for the pupils of the lakhs of Maharashtrian of the city. No other Trust, Organization, Local Body or Govt. runs the Marathi Medium Secondary & Higher Secondary School in entire Ahmedabad District.


Prior to the formal establishment of the Mandal in it’s existing name & form, its educational activities were, in fact, initiated way back in the year 1933 by the then distinguished & the selfless Marathi Social workers of Ahmedabad. Thus, the real history of the Mandal’s activities is over 84 year old. The Aims & the objects clause of the Mandal has further been enlarged through an amendment adopted by the Mandal on 24/01/1999 to enable the Mandal to impart the education through the Medium of Gujarati, English & Hindi etc. apart from the Medium of Marathi.


The Mandal’s educational activities have right form its inception been managed only by the Marathi speaking selfless honorary Social workers. The existing Board of Trustee & the Governing Body Members of the Mandal are consisting mostly of the selfless Ex. Teachers & Ex. Students of the Mandal’s Schools & other phylanthropic persons of the Society at large too. 

The  Mandal  & the Mandal’s Educational institutions are managed by the Board of Trustees & the Governing Body both elected by the Members of the Governing Body & General Body in the Election held after every six & five years of term respectively. At present there are about 3000 Members of the Mandal. 

The Mandal High Schools

The Mandal at present runs three Marathi Medium M.S.M. High School at Bhadra, Gomtipur & Saijpurbogha in Ahmedabad since their establishment by the Mandal in the year 1945, 1960 & 1978 respectively. All the three High Schools of the Mandal are Recognized & Grant-in-aided fully by the State Govt. of Gujarat. At present about 500 students are receiving their education through their marathi mother tongue in the Mandal High Schools.

Welfare Activities

As being the charitable & the philanthropic organization, the Mandal has been providing free Text-Books, Free School Bus services, extending financial assistance for payment of their School admission fees, term fees, tuition fees & School Bus concession etc. to all the needy pupils of the Mandal’s Schools.

Award to School

The Mandal’s M.S.M. High School, Bhadra, Ahmedabad has been Awarded as the Best Marathi Medium School in Brihanmaharashtra by Honourable Shri Manohar Joshi, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, in the Brihanmaharashtra, New Delhi’s All India conference held on 26/1/1998 at Ujjain (M.P.).

Past Distinguished Members

The Mandal’s Membership Register is the document of pride for the Mandal as it contains the names of great persons of the state & the country as well. The following persons were the Mandal’s life members of different categories who not only contributed membership subscription but also rendered their valuable service to the Mandal.

01.‘Bharat Ratna’ Maharshi Late D. K. Karve, the India’s Great Educationist.

02. ‘The Father of Lok Sabha’ Late Ganesh .Vasudev Mavlankar, the Independent India’s first Parliament Speaker.

03.  Late Shri C. D. Deshmukh, Ex Union Finance Minister & Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

04. Late Sushilbai Vasuben Mavlanker, ex M.P.

05.  Late Dr. V.A.Vanikar, Vice-President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

06.  Late Hemlataben Hogiste, Secretary of Jyoti Sangh, Ahmedabad.

07.  Late Dr. G. S. Mahajani, Vice-Chancellor of University.

08.  Late P. T. Gokhale, Dy. Collector.

09.  Late Shri R. M. Baligkar, Ex Principal of Gujarat College, Ahmedabad.

10.  Late Dr. V. G. Barve, ex Principal of Medical College.

11.  Late S. S. Bhandarkar, Ex Principal of Gujarat College, Ahmedabad.

12.  Late Y. D. Keskar, Principal of law College.

13.  Late G. H. Kavade, Leading Educationist & the Social worker.

14.  Late Dr. G. H. Bhopatkar, the leading educationist.

15.  Late R. N. Paranjape ex legal advisor of Govt. of Gujarat.

16.  Late P. G. Mavalankar, Ex M. P. 

17.  Late S. S. Shevade, the leading Advocate & one of the founder members of Mandal.

18.  Late Dr. H. G. Jambhekar, the leading educationist & social worker.

19.  Late D. R. Shevade, Ex Principal of Mandal’s Bhadra School.

The list of such Life Members is very long. We hereby earnestly appeal to the Maharashtrian people of all walks of life to enroll themselves as the members of the Mandal & help the Mandal to serve the children of the society in a better way. 

Future Plannings

Keeping in view the present & future needs & the demands, the Mandal has planned to construct in near future in Ahmedabad a vast Educational Complex under the aegis of ‘Maharashtra Bhavan’ providing the following facilities :-

01.  The English Medium Modern Schools & Colleges for education of various courses, Technology & Training.

02.  Social, Cultural & Arts development Centre.

03.  Institution for job-oriented courses & Trainings.

04.  A Big Hall for Cultural programmes, Dramas & other events.

05.  A institution for reasearch & development.

06.  A Hostel & /or Boarding House & Canteen. 

07.  Institution for awarding various Scholerships, fellowships, Freeships, prizes, Medals & granting loan to the deserving students.

08.  A Bureau for Councilling of Career & employement etc.

09.  Facilities of Library & ground for various Sports Activities.

10.  Facilities of Bus for students & Management.

11.  Facilities for recreations & entertainment. 

12.  Marathi, English & Spanish Tri-language School.  

Humble Appeal

In our country, there are quite a lot of causes calling for attention and help from all sections of our society and country too and education is one of the most important causes calling utmost attnetion and help. Although the Govt. is carrying out many schemes and institutions for the spread of education, it is quite obvious that the Govt. alone cannot meet with all the needs and it is here that the individual and group efforts can be useful and effective.

We have been relying mainly on generous public donations for rendering valuable services to the society. The springs of private donation have not yet dried up and there are charitable and philanthropically minded people and institutions even today. There are people too who remember the hard days of their own boyhood and are anxious to do something to relieve the distress and hardships of other boys and girls.

We request to give this appeal of ours the consideration it deserves and help the Mandal with generous donation. For our part we shall see that the donation is put to the most economically and to the best advantage or as may be desired by the donor. We request to pay visit to the M.S.M. High School at Bhadra, Gomtipur and Saijpurbogha of the Mandal if possible to see yourself the good work the School and Mandal is doing and what best support will bring to the hearts of the School children yearning for education.

The Donation may kindly be sent either in the form of Bank Draft or cheques drawn in favour of “The Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal, Bhadra, Ahmedabad”.


The Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal, Ahmedabad is highly grateful to all those philanthropic, charitable & magnanimous persons & organisations who have at any time given any donation or service or co-operation to the Mandal or it’s High Schools during the last 72th years. The Mandal is especially grateful to the following distinguished persons & the philanthropic organisations for their great services, contributions & co-operation rendered to the Mandal & the Mandal’s High Schools :-

1.  Late V.R. Manohar under whose hagemony the educational activities of the Mandal was first of all iniciated in the           year 1933.

2.  All the foundign fathers who founded the Mandal in the year 1945. 

3.  Shri Gangagovind Mangal Bhuvan Trust, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.

4.  Shri Fadnish Ram Mandir Trust, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.

5.  Bhagini Samaj, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.

6.  Late D. R. Shevade Guruji Karya Gaurav Nidhi Trust, Ahmedabad. 

7. Vasant Vyayam Shala, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.

8.  Late Aparnaben Trivedi Trust, Ahmedabad.

9.  Sakal Relief Fund, Pune.

10.  Dekkan Education Society Pune.

11.  Gujarat Bhukampgrast Sahayata Samiti, Nashik.

12.  Seva Bharti of R.S.S., Ahmedabad.

13. Also all the Staff of the Mandal High Schools who always stood by the Management during the crisis & especially when the devastating Earth-quike had damaged all the School Bldgs. of the Mandal during the year 2001. 

14. Danvir Late Kuberdas Modi who donated his precious land for the Mandal’s Saijpurbogha School.

15.  Jindal, Tumkur, Karnataka who have always granted the required donation to the Mandal.

16. Late Smt. Usha Mavshiji Kulkarni, Pratibha Foundation, Mumbai. 

17. We also hereby especially express our heart-felt gratitude towards the Mandal’s all ex-office bearers & ex-principals late D.R. Shevade of Bhadra School & Mrs. Minaxi A. Paranjape of Saijpurbogha School who have spent their Major life time for maintenance, Management & develop- ment of the Mandal & the Mandal High School as-well-as for all-round development of the School pupils very sincerely, diligently & selflessly. 


Date : 02/10/2017,            

            The Gandhi Jayanti.
                                                                                                                      C. G. Dhabewale

                                                                                                                      Hon. Gen. Secretary